Our tuber sale is now closed for 2022. Thank you to all who placed orders and supported our small business this year. We are so appreciative of your patience as we figured out this new facet of our business. 


A few important notes...


1. Until you've received an order confirmation, the tubers are available to everyone, even if its in your cart. Purchase what you want most, then come back for seconds if you wish.


2. We will not be able to combine orders.


3. We will use USPS Priority Shipping for all orders.


4. We are a small grower that may only have a couple tubers for certain varieties. We are working to rectify that next season.


5. We only sell individual tubers grown on our property. We inspect for crown and leafy gall, as well as at least one healthy growth eye.


6. Tuber size is not all that important. If you have small or skinny tubers, don't throw them away. If they have a growth eye, and aren't squishy, they are good tubers. Some varieties have small and skinny tubers but they grow as big and healthy plants.


Thank you for your consideration and support. This is our first sale so please be patient with us. Contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or call us at 218-302-4943 with any problems.



Dahlia tubers ship March thru May depending on weather; early shipping is not available. We cannot add to orders after they have been placed.